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Closures, Notions and Findings Used in The New Stranded Colorwork:

                                    Go For Baroque
                                    Homestead Heirlooms 20” ¾” sew-on pair, red

                                    Vassily Vest

                                    Dill Buttons silvertone metal shank button


                                    Lotus Blossom

                                    Blue Moon Beads silvertone flower toggle & silvertone chain
                                   #BM57625 & #BM71327

                                    Kiss That Frog

                                    Le Bouton Blumenthal Lansing Co. silvertone zipper pull

                                    #0ZC18891001 “Froggy”

                                    Queen Of Scots

                                    JHB International silvertone & enamel shank button
                                    #92777 “Scottish Thistle”



                                    Nordic Fiber Arts Norwegian pewter button


                                    Counting Crows

                                    Nordic Fiber Arts Norwegian pewter button



                                    ¾” leather kilt strap, black

                                    Fleur D’Zebra

                                    JHB International silvertone shank button

                                    #90587 “Ancient Rome”

                                    The Bees’ Knees

                                    April Mills Norwegian pewter clasp



                        Stephanoise rayon frog closure (with beads from the author’s collection)

                        #831, color #53


                                    Nordic Fiber Arts Norwegian pewter clasp


                                    Norwegian Blue

                                    JHB International antique silver metal clasp

                                    #942 “Classic Clasp”

                                    Wedding Belle

                        JHB International matte gold metal clasp (with beads from the author’s collection)

                                    #979 “Claremont”